St Peter's Church and the village of Heversham

There has been a site of worship here since the 7th century - please see the Church history page as we find it impossible to condense all these centuries into a paragraph !
Saint Peter's Church is the oldest recorded church in Westmorland.

Please check in the Parish News to confirm Church Service times, and there are also united services with St Thomas' Milnthorpe and St John's Levens, which take place at one of the 3 churches.

All ages are welcome at all the services.
Pre-school children can take advantage of a crèche room, if they wish, where they can play with the toys/books there whilst still taking part in the service.

Everyone is invited to stay on for coffee after the Sunday morning services in a time of fellowship.

Saint Peter's Church has good access for users of wheelchairs, with a ramp at the main door and then no other steps within the church. There is a loop system, which users of hearing aids with a T-switch can take advantage of.

There is a lending library in the Dallam Chapel, which all are invited to use by signing books in and out, and also plenty of magazines to take and read.

Please take a look at the Parish News for details of church services and events, a Ministry Team Who's Who and community news. Two thousand plus copies are printed ten times a year and distributed to all the houses/businesses in Heversham, Levens and Milnthorpe by a dedicated team of distributors.
There is also a Talking Parish News for the Visually Impaired.

We hope that you have enjoyed your visit to St Peter's Church and the village of Heversham.